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Contacts & Management -The Best Headhunters In Germany

August 4 2020, 07:28am

Posted by Contacts & Management

Difference Between A Headhunter And Recruiter

When a firm hires a headhunter, they hold the responsibility of identifying the talent and qualified individuals.  Whereas, when a recruiter is hired, they merely do the job of filling in the position. 

A headhunting company would take complete responsibility for employing individuals on the employer's behalf.  Hence, a headhunter is said to add more value, especially when the client is a global company. 

How To Pick An Apt Headhunter?

Germany is a country that has set several rules and regulations for their employees and companies. And to abide by the rules without compromising on having qualified individuals as a part of the company, can be an overwhelming task. For an organization which has a global presence and is aiming at expanding in Germany, it is necessary that it has the best of the people on board. Because it is the people who will sail their vision and the built reputation further in a new land. So when one looks out for headhunters in Germany, they should consider which process and aspects apply while spotting.

Contacts & Management

There are several headhunting companies, but the best headhunting company in Germany is Contacts and Management. There are several factors which give them this credibility. They are a German based recruitment company who are experts in headhunting. They hold an experience of 25 years in headhunting. While enabling a company which has a foreign foot with employees in Germany, they understand the cultural diversity. This provides leverage for a company to know that the German employees would have a balance of both, their company ethics with the talent and resources of the locality. They provide a diverse set of assistance to their clients with step by step solutions.

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The Four Key Elements Of A Successful Recruitment Strategy

August 1 2020, 06:15am

Posted by Contacts & Management

The biggest challenge faced today by business organizations is that of attracting and retaining top talent. One effective way for organizations to overcome this challenge is by having a successful recruitment strategy and executing it in an appropriate manner. The leading recruitment companies in Germany have identified the following three key elements that form the core of such strategies.

Clearly Identifying The Job Position

Clearly identifying the skill gap that the organization needs to fulfill is the first and the most important element of a recruitment strategy. This helps the organizations to assess the need for investing time and effort in hiring someone from the external talent pools.

Working To Attract The Right Candidates

Using the right methods for attracting the right candidates is extremely critical for ensuring the success of the recruitment strategy. This includes presenting the job position in an appealing manner and even exploiting the benefit of various online platforms to reach out to the most competent candidates with the desired skill set. For this, the organizations need to use the right language to describe the job profile, the associated benefits and perks, and other important factors to attract the candidates.

Selling The Position To The Right Candidates

Almost every leading recruitment company Germany understands the fact that interviewing candidates is more than just a way for the company to access their competence and suitability for a job post. In fact, it also provides organizations with an opportunity to sell the job position to the top talented candidates in a more convincing manner.

Recruitment – Work with us - Harrisons Accountants

Choosing The Best Candidates

The most important element of a successful recruitment strategy is for organizations to choose the right candidates. However, the right candidates may not always be the ones fulfilling all the criteria set by the organizations for a specific job position. Rather it is important for an organization to base this decision after carefully comparing the various skills, competence, and the overall cost to the company for every shortlisted candidate.

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Reach Out To Contacts & Management For Top Headhunting Company In Germany

July 10 2020, 07:01am

Posted by Contacts & Management

At Contacts and Managements we will help you in finding the best candidate as we offer a wide variety of recruitment services. There are some essential places for a business to work successfully and we provide service of fulfilling those places. We try to bring the outcome as accurate as possible because the recruitment job is very sensitive and needs to be handled with care. There are various ways by which we provide the recruitment not making it limited to a certain point. Top headhunting company In Germany.

Here are our services for our Employers:

Types of recruitment - As we mentioned earlier we are not limiting recruitment process to a certain limit but we explore different types of recruitment services:

  • Recruitment Through Advertising - In this, our recruitment consultant will place a suitable newspaper advertisement and it will help in attracting those candidates who are looking for such positions.
  • Recruitment Or Headhunting - In this, a candidate can get short listed or referred by simply passing his or her CV to the client.
  • Executive Recruitment- This type of recruitment is done on retained fee basis.
  • Direct Search Recruitment - In this, we follow a standard process and how to choose a candidate.
  • Contingency Search - This type of recruitment has its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • No Touch Agreement - Our work is all about ethics and discipline. After completing one recruitment service we make sure of no contact with any employee or client’s position.
  • The German CV - In this, we will make you understand what is required in making of a German CV.

We are in this business since 1998n and there are various reasons why we hold our reputation as best executive search agency Germany. We work in Germany as well as in the adjacent countries.

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This Recruitment Company In Germany Digs Out Raw Talents!

July 7 2020, 09:26am

Posted by Contacts & Management

Germany being a flourishing European country, attracts businesses from all over. It's growing in terms of the economy and there are several companies who hold the desire to root out in this country. But when companies build their set up in Germany, the will to have the best and suitable set of people to execute their vision is often compromised. 

There are several reasons behind the adjustment of the employer, but one of the prime reason is the difference in the cultural aspect which directly and indirectly affects the work culture as well as the productivity. In order to make the investment of having a base in Germany successful, it is essential to join hands with an experienced recruitment company Germany has ever had. This will not only take away the burden of recruiting, but also help to expand in ways which might not be tapped by the company. Considering the needs, the right choice is Contacts and Management. An executive search Germany is blessed with.

Reasons why Contacts & Management is a great associate for a company


  • The agency holds an experience of 25 years. Which has given them the advantage of understanding the changing structure and work accordingly. Along with that, the credibility of their contacts and resources also increases.
  • Their team is well versed with every aspect of recruitment. As a recruitment agency, they deal with all kinds of HR and consultant services. From headhunting, to executive recruiting they do it all. 
  • The company is located all across Germany. This brings in the leverage to look out for potential employees from every corner of the country. 
  • Along with providing recruitment services to a diverse clientele, they also specialize in offering services in Mergers and Acquisitions, assisting with valued local distributors. 

Investing in Contacts and Management means partnering with a thriving Executive Search organization of Germany. It will not only brings the best players on the field, but also offer you tricks and services of reaching the goal as they take care of the huddles.

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Contacts And Management : For The Exclusive Recruitment Agency Germany

July 4 2020, 06:43am

Posted by Contacts & Management

We are here to understand you and give our explanation and knowledge of the position recruitment. In other words, we are Headhunter Germany that has the best recruitment agency for the management and network that we provide. We take pride in informing that we are the most professional recruitment agency with an experience of 25 years.

What We Do

  • We provide services in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions
  • We aid owners of mid-sized German companies that wants to sell find buyers
  • We also assist companies wishing to find a German distributor

Our Expertise

  • Executive Recruitment in Germany
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Our main is to search for the best candidates and placing them to assist companies become successful.

Types Of Recruitment  Services.

It is very easy to say that we are the best recruitment Agency Germany but the thing that helps us stand out is we understand recruitment process and are genuinely excellent in it. Here are the different types of recruitment services

  • Advertising Based Recruitment
  • Recruitment And Headhunting
  • Executive Recruitment

Work Placement Officer/ recruitment agent wanted – APPLY HERE ...

Since 1992 we have been successfully handling mergers and acquisitions. Our founder is an expert in banking he had the knowledge of how to move from executive search to M&A. We regularly conduct seminars and have even published bestseller books on M&A.

We are also an expert in finding right kind of sales executors, professional partners and appropriate candidates. We are here to answer all your questions and doubts when it comes to finding Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in Germany.

Lastly, we have a list of benefits from Employee services to simplified, simple communications. Reach out to us for any other queries or consultation.

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Grow With Germany Recruitment Agencies

July 2 2020, 09:19am

Posted by Contacts & Management

The global expansion of companies has been witnessed at its maximum level. With easy ways of implementing a branch in a different country, today the count of global presence is a goal almost every firm aims. And while this task is achieved, there are certain barriers faced due to the specialized rules and regulations of the particular country. One of the major hurdles is employment.


Employees are the one that executes your vision and represent your firm. Hence it is highly crucial to pick the right set of people to fulfil your dream. But hiring in Germany is not as same and easy as the recruiting in the native and origin place of the company. And to make this process a smooth one, it is credible and smart to count on the recruitment agencies in Germany.

Recruitment is the key to identify who will take your stress easy and dedicated agencies are best at it. Specialized German recruitment agencies understand what your needs are and identify the right set of people for it. Hiring a local agency is always a win point as they are well versed with the 'where and how' they can find the skillful workers for you.


A recruiting agency's eyes are trained to pick the meticulous details of a potential employee which might go unnoticed by us. And when this is done, time, energy and the additional resources spent on a non-desirable employee is saved.

Michael Page Recruitment: Getting The Best Candidates With Minimal ...

Along with the first-time recruitment requirement, a firm always needs an expert in this zone because of multiple reasons. One of the prime reasons is the constant grown in the number of job hopping witnessed lately. With new opportunities and personal reasons, regardless of the best satisfaction offered, company bid adieus to their employees. And to have someone as qualified and good as them to fill in for the task is difficult to find. In times like this, recruitment companies can fix the delayed time and fill in at the earliest. Another reason is that when a company is pan across different places, for starters there are limited people onboard. But with time, as it grows, the need of more people to meet up the demand increases and a recruiting agency fits in with their role to serve the best kind of employees.

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Remote Onboarding – The Need Of Futuristic Organizations

July 1 2020, 08:45am

Posted by Contacts & Management

Employee onboarding is a vital business process aimed at enhancing the happiness and satisfaction level of the new recruits and paving the way for their longer retention. Now, as the working conditions within most organizations have undergone a significant change, the trend of remote hiring has become a popular choice. This has made it essential for companies to extend their onboarding services to the new members of the workforce joining remotely. According to the experts from the best headhunting company in Germany, making remote onboarding an integral part of the talent retention strategy is essential for organizations seeking consistent growth and success. Discussed below are the five key parameters that companies need to focus on in this context.

  • The first and the most important thing that organizations need to ensure is that the new recruits have the right setup to work remotely in an efficient manner. They need to seek information with respect to the kind of equipment they would be using, any improvements in technology that might be required, and the information and training that needs to be provided to the remote employees. All these requirements need to be fulfilled long before the day for which the new remote employees are to start work.
  • It is important for organizations to ensure that the managers or supervisors hold at least one person-to-person meeting with the new employees before they start work. This informal meeting may be conducted using any virtual platform and should focus on helping the employees gain a better understanding of the working of the organization and also to clarify their doubts and queries with respect to the same.
  • Another important aspect that professionals from the top recruitment company Germany advise the companies to pay attention to is that of assigning a mentor to the new employees. A mentor eliminates the risk of the newest members of the workforce feeling isolated and disengaged. The mentor acts as their medium of contact with the organization as well as the person they can turn to for advice and support in case of any doubts or difficulties in understanding their role and responsibilities. Assigning a mentor belonging to the same team or division as the new employee is highly recommended as it helps in establishing a deeper sense of understanding and trust.

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Key Competencies That Business Leaders Should Possess To Foster A Digital Culture

June 21 2020, 05:57am

Posted by Contacts & Management

Most modern businesses are driven by a wide range of digital technology aimed at simplifying key business processes and enhancing workforce engagement. This has created a great demand for business leaders capable of promoting the digital culture among the workforce. In this context, the experts from the top headhunting company Germany give preference to candidates possessing the below discussed key competencies.

Growth-Oriented Mindset

The mindset of the top business leaders plays a critical role in promoting the values and behaviors essential for shaping the digital culture. Having a growth-oriented mindset is necessary for such leaders as it helps them to gain a better understanding of the benefits of having an innovative digital vision. Such leaders are capable of encouraging their teams to stretch their ambition and adopt a positive approach to handling challenges.

A More Agile Approach

Establishing a true digital culture is a continuous process and includes constant reshaping and adaptation of the digital terrain. Hence it is extremely important for the business leaders to be more agile, which essentially means having the vision and humility to acknowledge and promote specific behaviors.  From having a flexible and holistic view of things to ensuring fast execution and informed decision making, the business leaders should develop an attitude of self-confidence and assertiveness to become capable of fostering a digital culture.

Encouraging Internal Collaboration

Enhancing internal collaboration between employees and organizational teams is the key to solving the various challenges faced by the company while developing a digital culture. Improving internal collaboration also helps in introducing greater fluidity in the dynamic between various functions, divisions and tasks. Thus it promotes systems that are not restricted by traditional boundaries and linkages. According to the professionals from the best recruitment company Germany, it transforms the way of working and exposes employees to the culture of constant interconnection and mutual learning.

Making Wise Decisions | TEOLIS, Inc.

Wise-Decision Making Capabilities

Wise-decision making is the key to creating an ethical, sustainable, and responsible digital culture. It enables both the business leaders and their teams to resolve ethical dilemmas that have come to fore in the digital era, skillfully and also address the various socio-economic challenges in a holistic manner. It enables the leaders to look beyond the technical boundaries of digitization to its wider and more profound implications.

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Four Reasons For Failure Of Executive Search In Germany

June 11 2020, 07:39am

Posted by Contacts & Management

Recruiting good people decides the fate of any organization and hiring good leaders decides the growth of the company. Organizations constantly need a talented and sorted army of executive professionals in order to withstand the test of time at the same time overcoming existing challenges and capturing growth opportunities. Executive search Germany is a humungous task, something that is entirely different from our normal hiring process. That is why many companies resort to top executive search agency Germany.

Today we are listing down why some executive searches fail:

1.  Multiple Stakeholders Involved In The Hiring Process : A company consists of co-founders, CEO as well as Board Members. The presence of multiple stakeholders can lead to a clash of thoughts in terms of what is required from a particular executive role. This in turn can lead to confusion, therefore increasing the chances of having a bad hire in the company. Hiring an agency would help bring everyone on the same page saving a lot of time and money for the company.

2.  Change In Priorities : Many companies grapple with this issue. Imagine you have kick started the entire process and in the middle of it you have realized, there is a whole another expect of candidature that you forgot to take into account. Result? You need to start from scratch wasting a lot of time, effort, and money. Hiring an experienced party helps the company see all the necessary aspects before starting the actual work.

4 Steps to Hiring Executives That Will Up Your Game - TLNT

3.  Long Wish List : They say, “Perfect is the enemy of Good.” Every company wants to hire the perfect candidate, a multitasker who would handle everything in the long term. In order to find such perfection, the list of requirements become so long that companies end up failing in the executive search process. A third-party recruiter would help you break this myth and help you get the best fit.

4.  Lack Of Clear Vision : “I don’t know what I am looking for but I am pretty sure I will know it when I see it.” This is a classic example of a lack of vision. Clarity of thought is most important when it comes to the job description, screening the right candidates, and interviewing the few shortlisted ones. A good executive search agency can help you have a clarity even before starting the process thus saving you a lot of hassle in the long run.

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Why You Must Consider Hiring A Recruitment Company In Germany?

June 10 2020, 07:02am

Posted by Contacts & Management

Hiring can be an overwhelming process if done in-house. Even after spending a lot of time, money, and effort, there is no guarantee that the candidate you have selected would be a 100% fit in your company. 

It is merely impossible to have the perfect candidate but you can reach close to perfection by hiring a recruitment company in Germany

Hiring a top recruitment company Germany is a cost-effective and efficient method of recruitment. Here are some of the key reasons why you should use a recruitment agency:

  1. Time-Saving

By going for a professional firm, you get access to a large pool of talented potential candidates. The professionals involved are working in this line for a long long time and are experts in going through all the data and finding the right potential candidates for your company. In addition to this, they streamline the entire hiring process thus making it faster and less time-consuming saving you a lot of time in the long run. 

Four Time-Saving Hacks for a More Efficient Workday - Attorney at Work

  1. They Will Do All The Work For You

All you have to do is turn up to take the interview. The recruitment firms take care of the entire recruitment process on their own. They will schedule the interview after screening the candidates thereby sending you only a few worthy ones. They will handle all the administrative work and much more.

7 Business Efficiency Strategies You Should Not Miss

  1. Efficiency

A good agency respects your time and will make your life easy by collating candidates' queries for you. Their experience in negotiations can help you save a lot of money. Their personal repo with the candidates and understanding of the job requirements would never let you make a mistake of letting go of a good employee.

Kortivity – Collaboration Counts in Recruiting | Good ...

  1. Ensure Smooth Process

There are generally two types of hiring needs in a company - Planned hiring and Urgent hiring. Planned hiring happens when the company is expanding its base it needs more people to take up the additional tasks whereas urgent hiring happens for replacing an existing employee who has resigned from the job. In the second case, you need the process to be swift and smooth without raising concerns in the current employees, something that a firm can ensure.

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