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Remote Onboarding – The Need Of Futuristic Organizations

July 1 2020, 08:45am

Posted by Contacts & Management

Employee onboarding is a vital business process aimed at enhancing the happiness and satisfaction level of the new recruits and paving the way for their longer retention. Now, as the working conditions within most organizations have undergone a significant change, the trend of remote hiring has become a popular choice. This has made it essential for companies to extend their onboarding services to the new members of the workforce joining remotely. According to the experts from the best headhunting company in Germany, making remote onboarding an integral part of the talent retention strategy is essential for organizations seeking consistent growth and success. Discussed below are the five key parameters that companies need to focus on in this context.

  • The first and the most important thing that organizations need to ensure is that the new recruits have the right setup to work remotely in an efficient manner. They need to seek information with respect to the kind of equipment they would be using, any improvements in technology that might be required, and the information and training that needs to be provided to the remote employees. All these requirements need to be fulfilled long before the day for which the new remote employees are to start work.
  • It is important for organizations to ensure that the managers or supervisors hold at least one person-to-person meeting with the new employees before they start work. This informal meeting may be conducted using any virtual platform and should focus on helping the employees gain a better understanding of the working of the organization and also to clarify their doubts and queries with respect to the same.
  • Another important aspect that professionals from the top recruitment company Germany advise the companies to pay attention to is that of assigning a mentor to the new employees. A mentor eliminates the risk of the newest members of the workforce feeling isolated and disengaged. The mentor acts as their medium of contact with the organization as well as the person they can turn to for advice and support in case of any doubts or difficulties in understanding their role and responsibilities. Assigning a mentor belonging to the same team or division as the new employee is highly recommended as it helps in establishing a deeper sense of understanding and trust.
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